YOU ARE so much more than a pretty face.

I use what you can see (wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, acne, pigmentation, rosacea, eczema, etc...) to understand and care for all that we can't see.

Your skin is an external compass for your internal world.


As a seasoned holistic Aesthetician, I've dedicated my life to understanding skin as a vital indicator of overall health. While this insight is often overlooked in health education, it's a crucial aspect, especially for those licensed to care for the skin.

One key aspect deserving attention is the impact of the nervous system on skin health. Many turn to facials not just for beauty but as a means to destress and receive care for overall well-being. These services address the sensitivities arising from the daily stresses we face.

Another critical factor is diet and digestion, encompassing not only food breakdown but also assimilation of sensory inputs. From inflamed skin to facial tension, our skin reflects the stresses of modern life.

Whether dealing with sensitive skin from birth or stress-induced conditions, consistent self-care is vital to the entire organism. Embracing a personalized at-home skincare routine, coupled with a nourishing diet and sensory practices, is essential for steady progress and well-being.

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Arriving at Nature with Science

The skin, a remarkable organ, serves as an impervious shield against external elements. My pursuit of healthy skin has been a lifelong journey, starting with a struggle against toxic acne in my teenage years when effective treatments were scarce. Over time, innovations like Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Retinols, and Hydroquinone emerged, clearing my skin but revealing the impact of sun damage and acne scars.

Beneath the surface lies a complex network of layers supporting facial structure, requiring nourishment and attention. Nature and science converge in the products I proudly offer, H is for Love, LaCréme Beauté, both botanical lines, and Lira Clinical, which blends plant stem cells with a peptide delivery system, combine evidence-based science with natural elements. Through practices like NeoLifting©, EIM Facial Gua Sha©, and Heart-Based Healing Energy Cures, Aesthetic Alchemy achieves a harmonious blend of nature and science. Your face, embraced by this symbiosis, will naturally bloom with health. #moreflowmoreglow

Hi there,
I'm Donna Cherie, 
founder & aesthetician.

It took me many years to embrace my face and body as beautiful; to really LOVE my structure.

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Treatments designed to lift, firm, & nourish your skin without side effects, stripping or complications. I am committed to providing you with exceptional service. The investment of your session includes overhead + profit, therefore, gratuities are not necessary.

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