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This treatment explores the universe of the body, which is reflected in the face. You begin the treatment face down and receive Gua sha stimulating the head, neck, back and back of leg area. Coming sunny side up, your facial immersion begins with a gentle manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage to ready the face and tissue for treatment. Incorporating products chosen and blended for your individual skin, the face and décolleté are cleansed and prepared for treatment. The EIM Gua sha facial treatment explores the neck, shoulders, and face, culminating with a hybrid tonic and nourishing masque is freshly blended for your skin’s needs. Application of a potion of serums followed by LED LightStim™ ProPanel session for absorption. Completing with moisture, sunscreen, and a scalp massage to ready you for your next adventure. Awaken! (First treatment with me? Please allow for extra time to discuss skincare goals).


EIM Gua Sha© Facial and  Body Treatment

Gua sha aims to move blocked circulation of the body to relieve aches or stiffness. Traditional East Asian medicine views blood stasis or stagnation as a cause of pain and illness. The aim of Gua sha is to move pooled or stagnated blood to relieve symptoms. It really isn't necessary to go deep into the functioning of the body to grasp this, it's all about blood flow. If the blood can't move through tissue freely and unhindered, you will eventually become ill. We can consider chi. We can talk about toxins. We can talk about diet and lifestyle. But in health, it all boils down to blood and flow. If you prevent stagnation, treat signs of tightness and tension where there may be blockages, the body will have better blood circulation and will begin to naturally repair itself. The body is always reflected in the face. #moreflowmoreglow

Understanding the Basics of Gua sha

Donna has a healing touch and pours love into everything she does. Her space is so beautiful, comforting, and welcoming. I feel like I deeply exhaled when I walked in. And I left my facial feeling so relaxed and cared for. My skin was beautiful too. Donna really knows her stuff. Great facial, great products, great experience. I just came back for more of her products to add to my collection.

I had the best facial here. 

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