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For anyone with a pulse, stress has become an almost ubiquitous part of our daily lives…..


May 20, 2024

The Concealed Connection: Stress, the Nervous System, and Healthy Beauty

NeoLifting™ is a powerful facial massage protocol…..


April 5, 2024

What is NeoLifting™ and Why You Need It

Hello my Friends, I hope this note finds you well and warm during the bustle of this holiday time. It feels like there is so much to be done, friends and family to love on, and the days are short short short. But the light will return, it begins to come back in less than […]


December 13, 2023

Happy Holy Days, Detox, Light Therapy, and Gift Certificates

I recently had the opportunity to complete a captivating cosmetic chemistry course at UCLA, and let me tell you, it was eye-opening! Despite my extensive training and education, I must admit that I’m still susceptible to clever marketing tactics. However, armed with knowledge about what qualifies as “natural” or “organic” in the cosmetic world (remember, […]


November 14, 2023

How’s Your Sunscreen Wardrobe?

I have the honor of meeting the most beautiful people in my work. They’re mostly women, and some men, some non binary, some close to my age (66), but a few youngins’ too.


October 26, 2023

Simple Home Self Care

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you just didn’t know how to do “it”? Where Google searches were too general and friends just didn’t know?  In June, I opened my Aesthetic practice in Santa Cruz. With the endless electronic needs, website, store, online presence, instagram-FB, blog, Flodesk (what’s Flodesk?), I found that […]


September 15, 2023

Hire an Expert

Living our modern lives, taking a few moments for ourselves can often feel like a luxury. It is crucial for our productiveness and well being for us to find pockets of serenity.  Elevating your daily skincare routine into a nourishing ritual helps you to achieve healthier skin and offer a soothing sanctuary for your mind […]


August 29, 2023

Indulge in Luxury: Elevate Your Daily Skincare Routine into a Nourishing Ritual